A Pickle Lovers Guide to Greater St. Cloud

At this point, loving (or hating)  pickles is a personality trait, and we are 100% here for it! From pickle pizza to dill flavored everything, you can find pickle-y delights all over St. Cloud. Follow along our list, or get out there and choose your own pickle-adventure. How many times is too many times to say pickle? By the end of this blog we might know. Pickle. 

Dill seasoned chips at MC’s Dugout

MC’s Dugout is the perfect opening act for your pickle-licious adventure. Order a burger and enjoy the tried-and true- homemade pickles as a mouth watering side. Stack on the flavor and indulge in the dill pickle chips! Chef’s kiss. 

Speaking of a chef’s kiss – make a pit stop at 7 West Taphouse and order the Fresh Cut Fries with dill seasoning. They are a dill-light! And, if you’re feeling like you could go for another treat, order a round of the dill chips! Your taste buds -and friends- will thank you.

Next, venture a little further downtown to step out of the dill chip comfort zone, and into the wonderful flavor of Dill Wontons at Arroy Thai & Filipino Restaurant! Round out your downtown adventure at Green Thumb Etc. to snag a carton of the weird, but good, dill pickle cotton candy. 

El Cubano Pizza at Pantown Brewing Company.
Greater St. Cloud:

Three words, DILL PICKLE PIZZA. Pantown Brewing Company is an award winning brewery and we LOVE THAT for them, but right now, we’re here to talk about pickles. So, order the El Cubano Pizza (it has pickles, obviously) and pair it with a locally made, award winning, beer! Cheers! 

Order the go-to combo of beer and wings at the Crooked Pint! You know what we’re about to say next- shake things up a little and get the Dill seasoned wings, it’s sure to pair perfectly with a crisp, cold beer! 

Fried Pickles at Burger Time.

Get the Pickle Fries to go at Burger Time for a quick bite at this old-fashioned burger joint! Afterwards, head over to Boulder Tap House to have the Ultimate Dill Pickle Bloody Mary with Revel Stoke Big Richard Pickle Whisky, bloody mix, fried pickles, pickle spear, pickle stuffed olives, pickled asparagus, pickled green bean, served with beer chaser. That’s a whole meal in itself!

For the pièce de résistance of all things pickles, go to Skatin’ Place – yes, the arcade/indoor skating rink- to devour the MINNESOTA SUSHI PIZZA. Yup, you heard us right, Minnesota Sushi, otherwise known as, ham and pickle rollups, on a PIZZA. Grab a slice and hit the skating rink for the perfect midwest fusion dinner. Date night anyone?

Pickle count: 23 (not including that last one)