E-Bike Trails in Greater St. Cloud

E-Bikes, aka electric bikes, are a fun upgrade to your normal bike. There are 3 classes of E-bikes, Class 1 and 2 reach the speed of 20mph, and class 3 E-bikes reach the speed of 28mph. Minnesota Law states that you must be 15 years of age to operate an E-bike. To learn more about MN E-bike rules click here.

All that being said, let’s get on to the fun! Greater St. Cloud is home to biking trails that wind around the area and along the Mississippi River. With lots of options, you can be sure to find the perfect route to take your new E-bike out for a spin. If you are looking to travel a little greener, biking is a great option to slow down and see Greater St. Cloud! Stay safe, wear your helmet, and have fun-we’ll see you out there!

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Beaver Island Trail

Beaver Island Trail is a biking and walking path that is loved by St. Cloud residents and visitors. The Beaver Island Trail traverses along the route of a former railroad that ran between Minneapolis and the town of Clearwater (just south of St. Cloud). It takes you along the Mississippi River and covers just over 5 miles. It is a paved trail perfect for a casual ride on your new E-bike.

Lake Wobegon Trail

If you are looking for a long ride, the Lake Wobegon Trail is an awesome option. At 60 miles, you can spend an entire day biking the beautiful, paved trail. Plus, an E-bike makes the ride even faster! The Lake Wobegon Trail is a great option for those looking to see more of the Greater St. Cloud area (and beyond), as the trail winds past small towns such as Holdingford, The Gateway to Lake Wobegon. Much like the Beaver Island Trail, Lake Wobegon Trail is set along an inactive railroad track.

Quarry Park and Nature Preserve

Quarry Park and Nature Preserve is another local favorite, with thousands of visitors coming through every summer! Quarry Park is home to long trails through the woods and past the quarries with scenic views at every turn. Be sure to follow park rules, and do not take your E-bike (or any bike for that matter) on the State Scientific and Natural Area. To see an official map of the trails click here.

Trail Etiquette:

  1. When on the trail, all users must stay on the right half of the trail when meeting or being passed by another trail user.
  2. When passing someone else on the trail, ring the bell and announce yourself by saying “Passing on your left!”
  3. Share the trail and keep your head on a swivel for other riders and pedestrians.
  4. Stop/yield at all indicated stop signs.

View the full list of Greater St. Cloud bike trails here.