7 Halal Restaurants in Greater St. Cloud

Whether you are looking for local halal options or simply in the mood to try something different, each of these locally owned restaurants serves up amazing flavors and welcoming smiles. Give them a try next time you are craving takeout!

Greek Cravings

The best fast-casual Greek cuisine served up in downtown St. Cloud. Enjoy all of the classics including classic or chicken gyros, baklava, spanakopita, samosas, falafel rice, and much more. Plus, everything on the menu is halal.

Gyro King

Gyros King has the best gyros made from homemade recipes, featuring chicken, fish, lamb, or even falafel gyro options. Plus, their menu has of a colorful variety of delicious Middle Eastern and American food. Everything except the kids menu items is halal.

Hormud Meat & Grocery

Serving St. Cloud since 2012, Hormud Meat & Grocery is home to a meat market, grocery store, restaurant and coffee shop. One of St. Cloud’s most well-known Somali restaurants, Hormud has all of the favorites including sambusas, suqaar or bariis with meats, muufo, jabaati, and more. All meats are halal, and all dishes are delicious!


Mogadishu Grocery

Mogadishu Grocery is home to not only a restaurant, but a grocery store and clothing store as well. Serving St. Cloud since 2005, their restaurant features all of the traditional East African dishes, and everything on the menu is halal. Enjoy dishes like goat cutlets, grilled chicken, beef tripe, grilled liver, goat soup, and much more.

Midnimo Grocery, Halal Meat and Restaurant

Midnimo is a welcoming and friendly place to do your grocery and halal meat shopping, and also to get a bite to eat from their restaurant. Their entire menu is hahal, and features many East African staples. 


Somali Cafe & Restaruant

One of St. Cloud’s well-known Somali restaurants, Somali Cafe serves up delicious East African dishes with great customer service. Try a sambusa with chicken and rice and a big sweet tea. All food on their menu is halal.


Star of India

For over 20 years, Star of India has been serving St. Cloud authentic, delicious Indian dishes. Enjoy Balti specialties, Tandoori delicacies, and much more on their vast menu. Note that not all dishes are halal, but all chicken and lamb dishes are halal.