Work Life Balance for Meetings and Events

Companies and employees are shifting away from the old ‘work hard play hard’ mentality and there is no denying that the pandemic forever changed the world of work and office culture. One of the most tangible changes is the growing importance of work life balance, with a bigger emphasis on life. Therefore, to have a successful conference, meeting planners must account for the growing importance of work life balance, and how it can affect conference schedules, activities, and more.

Beaver Island Trail

So, what are some ways meeting planners can incorporate the trend of work life balance into meetings and conferences? 

Collaborate with the destination’s CVB to learn more about what they can do to help foster a stronger work life balance at your convention. The CVB can help you choose from a variety of convention spaces to find what would be the best fit for your event. Finding the right meeting space, creating a comfortable atmosphere and having enough room for people to spread out and have a moment to themselves is a great first step!

Plan de-stress activities. Start your conference with chair yoga, a short meditation session, or an organized morning walk (host at the River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud, and utilize the beautiful Beaver Island Trail). After all, getting some movement in before work is a great way to promote learning!

Offer opportunities for group outings and provide information about fun things to do in the area! Work with the CVB to plan a bar crawl, a fun evening trying a novel activity like Ax Throwing, or checking out local shopping! Work hard, PLAY HARD, right?

Downtown St. Cloud

Visit Greater St. Cloud is always excited to help coordinate group outings. We also have an awesome Visitor Guide, and plenty of informational brochures that show the best of Greater St. Cloud!