Unique Drinks in Greater St. Cloud

St. Cloud is full to the brim with delicious options of places to eat and drink, it can be hard to choose where to go! The food menu is obviously the deciding factor most of the time, but sometimes it’s the drink menu that truly entices! Check out these five truly unique St. Cloud drink options before you plan your next night on the town.

Cheers, St. Cloud

Nearly every restaurant in St. Cloud offers great seasonal rotations of drinks, but we’re narrowing down the old standbys here. From well-known staples to new offerings, these St. Cloud restaurants serve up a wide variety of must-trys. 

Brick & Bourbon
Brick & Bourbon

The cocktail list at Brick and Bourbon is expansive and full of unique, delicious concoctions, but perhaps one of the most ornate and unique drinks is the Double Entendre Martini. This drink comes with a large garnish of cotton candy in the martini glass, and a shaker of vodka, rosé, and lime juice. When  you’re ready to enjoy, pour the shaker over the cotton candy and watch it melt into a delicious, fruity martini. Totally Insta-worthy!

MC’s Dugout

With probably the most well-known signature drink in town. MC’s Dugout is home to a must-try. Known as the Hairy Buffalo, this drink is a mixture of four different spirits, orange juice and grenadine. Plus, you can try their other varieties including the Dirty Buffalo, White Buffalo, Tropical Buffalo, Irish Buffalo, or their newest fan-favorite, the Husky Buffalo – though we don’t recommend trying more than one in an evening. Split it with your friends and try it out the next time your on the town!

The Pickled Loon

The Peanut Butter Bourbon Old Fashioned is made with Makers Mark, peanut butter simple syrup, and chocolate bitters. It may sound like a pretty standard (and super delicious) drink, but what really sets this one apart is the process. The drink is assembled, and then it spends 3-5 minutes with the smoking gun, infusing smoked flavors into every sip. Not only does it add a complex layer of flavors, it also makes for a fun, photo-worthy experience. Enjoy!

Ultimate Sports Bar

The Ultimate Sports Bar has a wide variety of delicious drinks, from fruity and fun to good-old brews. But what makes them truly special is all in the delivery. Order a fruity, blended treat in a yard-long cup to get the party started. Share a fish bowl of mixed drink delights with a friend. Or tap into the “bladder buster,” a 240oz tap with the beer of your choice delivered right to your table with cups to share. Ultimate Sports Bar is here to get the party started, are you?

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse

Fuji is a place of surprise and excitement, with entertaining hibachi displays, a huge selection of amazing sushi, and a fun and festive environment. Pair that with their unique and delicious drink menu and you’ve got a fun night out. While they serve up classics like mojitos and martinis, the real unique options is all about having options. Treat yourself to a sake flight and try three different flavors of sake – the perfect complement to your sushi craving. 

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Whether you’re dining with kids or just not a fan of alcoholic beverages, these great non-alcoholic options make the experience fun, unique, and delicious!

Kombucha from Jules’ Bistro
Jules’ Bistro

Maybe you’ve been curious or maybe you’re a connoisseur, but either way you have to try the kombucha at Jules’ Bistro. They have a regular rotation of Deane’s Kombucha on tap, with different flavors to try regularly. Pairs well with… everything on Jules’ menu!

Mexican Village

Not only does Mexican Village serve up delicious margaritas, daquiris, and more, they can also make them a virgin cocktail! Strawberry daiquiri, hold the rum, por favor!

7 West Taphouse

Soda lovers, you’ve hit the jackpot. 7 West Taphouse is known for having a huge variety of craft beer on tap. But did you know you can also get MN made sodas in cans here? Norther Soda Co. has several options available, but we personally recommend the mini donut soda from Lift Bridge Brewery!

Olde Brick House

From Italian Cream Soda to Raspberry Lemonade Spritz’s, the house-made mocktails at Olde Brick House are sure to delight with their refreshing and sophisticated flavors. 

Worth the Trip

These Greater St. Cloud area establishments offer some unique, delicious drink options. 

Great River Bowl and Partners Pub
Partner’s Pub

Located in Great River Bowl in Sartell, Partner’s Pub has great food and drinks. But the most impressive drink on the menu is the Insane Bloody Mary. This 26oz bloody mary is garnished with a full meal, including celery, pickles, tomatoes, salami, pepperjack, cheddar and swiss cheese, pepperoni, olives, shrimp, pepperoncinis, onion rings, bacon cheese curds, a hard boiled egg and lime. Chase with a beer, and you won’t need to eat or drink for a week. 

Clearwater Travel Plaza

The Clearwater Travel Plaza is home to a bakery, full restaurant, deli, shopping, a gas station, and more. But for this, we’re talking about the restaurant, Nelson Brother’s. Specifically, their fantastic brunch that pairs perfectly with a bloody mary or their ultimate mimosa – both of which are $1 off Friday-Sunday!

Second Street Coffeehouse

Located in Sartell, Second Street Coffeehouse serves up delicious coffee creations using Black Rifle Coffee Company beans, While all their coffee drinks are delicious, the unique comes in to play with their coffee flights. Choose between hot or iced coffee and enjoy smaller servings of their top five house coffee drinks. It’s a great way to try out a new flavor to find your new favorite brew!