About Books Revisited

Books Revisited is an independently owned bookstore specializing in new and used books in all subject areas. Located in Downtown, this store has a huge selection of books in all subject areas, hardcover and paperback, collectible to current.

The Story of Books Revisited

The main store, a cozy bookshop with towering shelves and narrow aisles, was founded in 1991. It was a time capsule, brimming with character and old-world charm. Over time, they’ve undergone many changes: they moved to a more spacious location, diversified their catalog, and adapted to the digital age. However, the commitment to their valued customers has remained the same. The goal is to provide the best selection of top-quality books at reasonable prices. Whether you’re searching for a rare, vintage tome or the latest bestseller, they strive to deliver unbeatable service and expertise.

Technology has brought about significant changes in recent years, allowing us all to access information at our fingertips. This has enabled Books Revisited to reach customers who may not have been able to visit the store in person due to their location, and since 1997 they have shipped books to almost every country in the world. Despite never having met some of their best customers in person, they take pride in the level of service they provide to all.

Many people believe that we are in the twilight years of bookselling and that the proliferation of information will lead to the demise of printed books. However, Books Revisited still cherishes the value of books. They hope that amidst the fast-paced world of technology, you can take a moment to unwind, relax, unplug, and indulge in the pleasure of reading a good book.

Come downtown to shop, eat, drink, and get lost in a new literary adventure that you pick up – you never know where a story will transport you!