Explore Greater St. Cloud. Share your adventures. Win prizes. It’s that easy! Download the Visit Greater St. Cloud app and tap on Brewcation in the lower navigation bar to get started.

Take a Greater St. Cloud Brewcation

Kick back, relax, and have a drink! The Greater St. Cloud Brewcation passport takes you on a thirst-quenching-quest through taprooms, breweries, wineries and more. Three levels of prizes can be achieved with the more check-ins you gather. A geo-location check-in and an image of your experience are required to be eligible to win prizes. Must be 21+ years of age to participate.

Check out the list of participating locations

Please note: We do not condone attempting to complete all three levels in one day. We know the brews around here are great and all… but not worth risking your safety for! Please brewcation responsibly.