What’s up Weekend: August 30 – September 2

This is it! The “final week of summer” – or if you’re still in denial that it’s almost September, then carry on with your sun-lovin-self and ignore this. Final week of summer or not, this is the final installation of “What’s up Weekend,” as the hectic summer schedules draw to a close. Thank you for checking in with us every week for events and happenings, and never fear: all events will still be available on our full events calendar here. There is a lot in store for the fall season, and lots coming up this weekend as well! Take a look and see for yourself.

August 30th

Get buff, for free! Thursday marks the grand opening of the Waite Park Fitness Court – the first of its kind in the state of Minnesota. River’s Edge Park in Waite Park is now home to an outdoor gym and fitness court that is free and open to the public. Many different kinds of equipment is available for adults of all ages to use to get buff, stay active, and have a good time! Join the community at the grand opening party – click here for more information.

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August 31st

She had them apple bott- wait, never mind. The only season that can rival the iconic Pumpkin Spice season is this one: APPLES! Friday August 31st marks the season opening of Collegeville Orchards. So grab your plaid and knee-high boots, your blanket scarves and your camera, it’s time for selfie-central in the Collegeville hills. With wagon rides through the orchard, a pumpkin patch, the apple store, a petting zoo and more, Collegeville Orchard is the definition of fall in Central MN. Click here for more information.

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September 1st

Good music, great food, grand Saturday. Who doesn’t love a classic? Enjoy some drinks and a festive atmosphere at Fisher’s Club on Middle Spunk Lake in Avon, as you take in a show by Broken Fiddle. Take a step back in time as you peruse Fisher’s menu and decide which local favorite dish will satisfy your craving. Enjoy music that lifts your spirits and caps off a perfect Saturday in Central Minnesota. Do it all in one place! Click here for more information.

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September 2nd

Archery season is approaching – are you ready? Take part in the 3D Shoot at Powder Ridge to really test your skills and get ready for the upcoming archery season in Minnesota. Brought to you by Archery Country, this event challenges shooters to climb hills, take aim, and make the perfect shot. Competition is encouraged, and spots are limited. Plus, every paid entry will receive a $10 gift card to Archery Country. This event goes Saturday through Monday, so make plans at Powder Ridge now! Click here for more information.

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