About Wading Pools & Splash Pads – St. Cloud

St. Cloud – Need to cool off? Look no further than 1 of our 3 neighborhood splash pads. The Splash Pads are scheduled to run, weather permitting, from mid-May through mid-September, from 9 am to 7 pm. (When school is in session, Westwood Park Splash Pad will run 3:15 pm to 7 pm.) Admission is Free!

Splash Pad Locations

Open mid-May through mid-September, weather permitting. Splash pads are operational from 9am to 7pm, every day!

  • Lake George/Eastman Park: 1101 7th St S, St. Cloud
  • Riverside Park: 1725 Kilian Blvd, St. Cloud
  • Westwood Park: 720 Driftwood Dr, St. Cloud
  • River’s Edge Park: 1300 Great Oak Drive, Waite Park (currently closed due to COVID-19)

Wading Pool Locations (currently closed due to COVID-19)

Open seasonally, Tuesday-Sunday, 1pm-7pm. Lifeguards on-duty during hours of operation. All wading pools are cleared from 4:45-5pm.

  • Centennial Park: 1725 Centennial Dr., St. Cloud
  • Haws Park: 805 13th St S., St. Cloud
  • Hester Park: 1020 6th St N., St. Cloud
  • Pantown Park: 2915 9th St N., St. Cloud
  • Rotary Park: 1507 Goettens Way, St. Cloud
  • Seberger Park: 2001 2nd St N., St. Cloud (Fee: $2.25)
  • Spalt Park: 413 3rd Ave NE. St. Cloud