About Stearns History Museum

The Stearns County Historical Society (d.b.a.) Stearns History Museum serves the citizens of Stearns County drawing audiences from all over the U.S. and the world. Its mission is to “engage people in the exploration of the County’s diverse heritage by providing connections to the past, perspective on the present, and inspiration for the future.” Throughout the year the Museum presents exhibits, programs and activities that educate, entertain, and inspire participants. The Stearns History Museum is part of a 100-acre nature park with walking trails, abundant wildlife, and a skateboard park.  There truly is something for everyone.

Long Term Exhibits

Two floors of exhibits provide visitors of every age with an entertaining learning experience.

Natural History of Stearns County Investigate the natural world before the land was developed as towns and farms

A Changing Landscape Explore the impact of development in Stearns County early residents created the communities we see  today from the natural landscape pre-1855.

On Solid Ground – Newly Renovated!  The granite industry has had great impact on the development of the area. Buildings from all over the U.S. have Stearns County granite on their facade and in their hallways.

Alice Wheelock Whitney Mrs. Whitney was an important figure in developing the culture of St. Cloud. Her story highlights the importance of giving back to a community and how it can have long term impact.

Pan Motor Company The newly renovated exhibit looks at the world Sam Pandolfo created, how he pursued his dream and what led to the company’s downfall.