About St. Cloud Sculpture Walk

Sculpture Walk St. Cloud is a year-long outdoor exhibit featuring 6 temporary large-scale sculptures on loan to the St. Cloud community for one year, and 3 permanent sculptures located in St. Cloud’s historic downtown.  The 2017-8 Sculpture Walk includes the work of accomplished artists from the St. Cloud area and across Minnesota.  This project is managed by Paramount Center for the Arts in collaboration with the St. Cloud Arts Commission.

Current sculptures and locations: 

  • Hephaestus Fallen at 900 St. Germain St. by Sam Spiczka
  • Synchronous at 810 St. Germain St. by Tim James and Aidan Demarais
  • Klompenboot at Lake George by Kyle Fokken
  • Tusks at 10th Ave N and 1st St. S. by Timothy Cassidy
  • Crocodile at 8th Ave S. and 1st St. S. by Dale Lewis
  • Guitar Man at 912 St. Germain St. by Keith Raivo
  • Tied to the River at St. Germain St. and 9th Avenue
  • The Granite Trio at 600 W. St. Germain St. by Anthony Caponi