About MN Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame

The MN Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame Museum is located on the 2nd floor of the St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention Center on the banks of the Mississippi River.

The Museum is open during the week from 9am-5pm. Open to the public FREE of charge. If you are planning to visit the Museum in the evening or on weekends, call the St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention Office at (320) 255-7272 to check their open hours.

The museum houses many artifacts from Minnesota’s grand history of amateur, town-team baseball, as well as celebrating other levels of the game in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, including: minor leagues, college, high school, American Legion and VFW, as well as honoring Minnesota born players to reach the Major Leagues. Items such as uniforms, caps, photos, bats, balls, gloves and programs are all on display.


The history of baseball in the land of 10,000 lakes!

Minnesota’s history and heritage is rich with stories, names records and dedications to the success of amateur baseball in our great State. From it’s beginning men from all walks of life and from all sectors of our great State of Minnesota have dedicated themselves to amateur baseballs progress, most not for personal gain, but for the betterment of the programs, their communities and their citizens, young and old.

Many of our fathers, sons and grandsons played the game of baseball. Let’s not forget the ladies and family members who attended the games, worked in the concessions stands, collected tickets, score kept, announced games , helped with fund drives and other activities tied to othis great American game. Yes, amateur baseball in Minnesota ranks up there with Mom and Apple pie.

The Minnesota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame was organized to preserve this great history. To keep the records of players, leagues and games won and lost, the winners of tournaments, pictures, uniforms, old equipment and other artifacts to be kept to inform future generations of this great game and how it was played.

If you have baseball artifacts you want to preserve and donate to the Hall of Fame please contact our Secretary. The Hall of Fame Board thanks you for your consideration.