About Kiehle Gallery

The Kiehle Art Gallery at St. Cloud State University features exhibitions that are on the cutting edge of contemporary artistic practice in the Midwest. Kiehle Gallery presents seven to eight exhibitions per academic year ranging from multimedia installations to painting, sculpture, photography and contemporary graphic design. With each exhibition there is a public lecture that is open to the university community.

An important part of the gallery’s mission is to bring awareness of art as a social-cultural instrument to the university community. It is the intention of the gallery to continue to provide dynamic, challenging exhibitions to the department and the university and to increase visibility as a regional cultural center.

Students benefit directly from such an active faculty. Students and recent alumni are successful in entering graduate programs at an increasing rate and exhibiting their work in Twin-Cities galleries, Nationally, and Internationally. Alumna Valerie Snobeck was included in the Whitney Biennial, 2014. Graphic design majors are readily employed, with a 78% placement rate; half of those are offered jobs directly from their internships before even finishing their degrees. Art education is an ever-increasing major, as are all of the department’s majors. Since 1998, the number of department majors has grown from 250 to 350.