About Blacklight Adventures

Blacklight Adventures is THE PLACE TO BE! Have an Unforgettable Entertainment EXPERIENCE. This Family Entertainment Center provides a 3000 sq ft Blacklight Laser tag Arena, 2 Virtual Reality Bays, Escape Room, Party Rooms, Arcades and Concessions. As you can see, Blacklight Adventure has everything you need for an awesome time with friends and family! Build family connection with a challenging escape room and enjoy some competition at Laser tag, at Blacklight, you can do it all!

Come ready to experience play like you’ve never thought of before! Kids and Adults alike will have an absolute blast at Blacklight Adventure! Build family memories and experience the fun that awaits at Blacklight Adventure.

Laser Tag: Get ready to step into a vivid fantasy world! An over 3,000 sq.ft. laser tag arena that features bright trees, neon forest wall murals, interactive targets and glowing energy gates that transport you to another world! Fully-Immersive Laser Tag for up to 20 Players at a Time!

Escape Room: What in tarnation! The Sheriff is spittin’ mad because the most wanted bandit in all the Wild West just escaped from his jail! Sheriff Willy Ketchum doesn’t like to look like a fool, so he’s upgraded all the locks in his office – ain’t nobody getting out this time! Can YOU escape from the Old West Jail and the Sheriffs Office before Ketchum returns? You only gots 45 minutes…..GOOD LUCK….you’re gonna need it.

Virtual Reality: State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality Experience for all Ages, Experience Levels, and Interests! Pricing is a flat rate per Virtual Reality Room, per period of time, with unlimited use of one Vive Pro headset and full access to our library of experiences. We recommend 1-4 people per room.


Have fun!