About Black Box Theater

The Black Box of Saint Cloud, Minnesota is a fully operational state of the art theatre space that necessitates the interaction of the audience and the craft of the artist. The space provides no space to hide. Actors perform just feet from the audience and both are required to participate and push a performance forward. Often times the roles become inverted with resulting powerful occurrences.

With available seating of 75+ and capacity to hold casts of 35+, the Black Box strives to attain professional quality work in every production. The art gallery within the space compliments the space and performs as another member of the production. Themes and like kind expressions are displayed in the gallery during a run to promote the performance space and unify the overall experience of the attending public. The unique environment of the Black Box is a space where one can truly get lost in art. Your experience may go beyond any theatrical production you have attended. That is always the goal of the Black Box.

Check here for performance schedules.