About Bella Vita Salt Caves – COMING SOON!

Dry salt therapy has been used for centuries to treat acute lung & skin conditions all over the world. Salt Therapy, otherwise known as Halotherapy, is making its’ way to the U.S. As people are becoming more health aware, they are seeking alternative ways to heal and treat themselves, Besides its’ benefits for lungs & skin conditions, it is also know to help with mood and behavioral conditions. Bella Vita is bringing salt therapy to St. Cloud!



Dry salt therapy has a list of benefits for our health and well-being. Many people have experienced a relief in symptoms from various illnesses with a few salt sessions.  Besides the benefits to our bodies, salt sessions in a cave are a wonderful way to relax and re-center your mind.



Relieving Symptoms

Respiratory Issues

Skin Conditions

Benefits of spending time in the cave

weight Loss & Increased Metabolism

Improves appearance of cellulite

Muscle pain relief

Relieves joint pain and stiffness

Relieves inflammation

Stress relief by helping your body maintain healthy cortisol levels

Detoxification of heavy metals

Detoxification of nicotine, alcohol sulfuric acid and other organic/inorganic compounds

Lowers blood pressure over time


Improves cardiovascular health

Sports recovery

Circulatory system oxygenation, your heart rate increases and blood vessels dilate, allowing oxygen to enter the cells of your body more easily

Improves skin making it baby soft while easing acne, psoriasis, eczema. Encourages development of collagen and elastin

Cell Health

Improved brain function

Improves immunity by increasing white blood cells, lymphocytes and neutrophils

Injury healing

Helps with chronic pain



***While there are many clinical and scientific studies conducted on dry salt therapy (halotherapy) throughout the world, dry salt therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Dry salt therapy is not intended to replace any medications or treatments. Any health issues should be treated by a licensed medical professional and any further questions relating to halotherapy should be directed by your physician.

Namakdan Salt Cave on Qeshm Island in Southern Iran taken in January 2019