About Bakers’ Acres

​At Bakers’ Acres, It’s about reinvesting our profits into regenerative agriculture, our community,  and our environment. The farm hosts participation days, events, and on-the-farm culinary productions as part of its mission to connect people with the land. The farm is also active in educational activities, policy and community-building initiatives to help promote restorative agriculture and sustainable food systems.

We invite our friends to the farm for dinner so we can practice some of the recipes accompanying the CSA boxes. We blanch and freeze all the second-grade broccoli and beans all summer so we have plenty all winter. We can tomatoes and jams every year not just to eat, but so we can spend some quality time working alongside our friends and family in the kitchen.

Growing your own food or eating from a CSA box is both an adventure and a challenge. We look forward to each year’s journey through the seasons in step with all of our CSA customers, eating, cooking and baking. We hope your CSA experience is almost as great as having your actual farmer seated with you at your dinner table.

​Bakers’ Acres, LLC is a certified organic 15-acre farm in Avon, Minnesota. The farm sells produce to individuals through our CSA program, as well as to co-ops and restaurants in the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota. We also raise honeybees, a small amount of livestock including pastured poultry and eggs, and grass-finished lamb and beef. Farm visits by appointment only.