About Art in Motion on the Lake Wobegon Trail

Art in Motion on the Lake Wobegon trail is dedicated to fostering and inspiring creativity for those who hold it. From art gallery, to cafe, to resting place, they serve. Art in Motion builds unity and appreciation through incubating artists and their art, teaching creative students of all ages, hosting an open community space, and serving food and beverages. The artist, the appreciator, and the traveling soul are all welcome here.

Art Gallery

Local artists and those from across the country are consistently on display in the Art in Motion gallery. With a modest gallery space for a handful of artists, they allow for a significant amount of focus to be given to every collection. The flow of new art is consistant, however. Both the artist and the appreciator benefit from frequent exhibition rotations as they provide each artist with exposure and each visitor with something new to see.

BoHo Cafe

This cafe is located within the Art in Motion gallery and event space, and features a menu of baked goods in the morning, lunchtime salads and sandwiches, and even beer and wine. It also serves as a great meeting space, with a stage to host live music, room for over 100, and outdoor relaxation available both in front and out back.