About Acceleration Sports Center

At Acceleration Sports Center, we have all the tools you need to succeed on the field. Our staff has one focus: to create better baseball and softball players through training programs. Acceleration Sports Center allows athletes of all ages to get better throughout the year without being thrown off by bad Minnesota weather. We are proud to have a flexible, adaptable and positive environment that works for all ages. We have grown from just baseball – our facility accommodates softball, basketball, volleyball, golf, football and more.

Our sports facility is equipped with a fastpitch softball probatter, exercise/weightlifting equipment, basketball/volleyball court, and the over 10,000 square ft of turf training area. Our training turf has 9 Lanes that are 20ft high, 17ft wide, and 70ft long. The size of our lanes allow hitters to see the height of the ball along with getting a good idea of the trajectory off the bat. We wanted to ensure that when people come to train at Acceleration Baseball Center they will have what they need to become the best possible player on and off the field. We offer a good variety of baseball and softball programs for all ages. Our facility can accommodate different sports and fitness classes as well as rental opportunities including turf, court, golf, and birthday parties!

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