Best splash pads and pools in Greater St. Cloud

In the land of 10,000 lakes, we are not short on public beaches to explore. However, sometimes you can’t beat the simple fun of a public splash pad or pool. What’s even better than a day at the pool? A day at the pool with your favorite meal or snack! We’ve paired all of the St. Cloud Area’s pool and splash pads with the most convenient places to grab a quick bite so you can really have a full day of fun. Enjoy!

Splash Pads

Lake George/Eastman Park

1101 7th St S

This splash pad offers a full day of fun! Come for a few hours of splashing, a walk around Lake George, some fun in the playground, and a picnic from Jule’s Bistro in the shade. Perfect!

Riverside Park

1725 Kilian Blvd

Package this splash pad up with a day of frisbee golf, a stroll at Munsinger Clemens Gardens, or a Val’s Rapid Serv picnic in the park. Sounds like fun!

Westwood Park

720 Driftwood Dr

Once you’re done splashing to your heart’s content, make a trip to Mr. Twisty’s for yet another wonderful cooling-down treat.

River’s Edge Park

1300 Great Oak Dr. Waite Park

After a sweaty game of baseball or softball, this splash pad is the perfect way to cool down and have even more fun, especially if you include some bestburgerever deliciousness.


Wading Pools

Haws Park

805 13th St S, St. Cloud

Here’s the plan: grab your suit, stop at New York Gyro for a to-go lunch, and head to Haws Park pool for a refreshing and tasty afternoon!

Hester Park

1020 6th Ave N, St. Cloud

With the picturesque Mississippi as the backdrop for this historic swimming pool, Hester Park pairs well with a half-dozen buffalo wings from Lily’s Wings, Burgers and Things!

Pantown Park

2915 9th St N, St. Cloud

Smack-dab in the middle of the historic Pantown neighborhood, Pantown Park Pool goes great with some Fountain of Juice smoothies to go.

Seberger Park 

2001 2nd St N, St. Cloud (Fee: $2.25)

Why does this pool have a huge polar bear slide? Better question: why not! This funky cool-down spot can only get better with some Dairy Queen treats to follow.

Rotary Park

1507 Goettens Way, St. Cloud

Tucked away in a quiet residential area, the Rotary Park pool is a relaxing oasis. Grab a sandwich from Panera on your way there and get ready to enjoy!

Spalt Park

413 3rd Ave NE. St. Cloud

Named for the sister city of St. Cloud in Germany, this park is also nearby Wilson Park, and access to the Mississippi River. The best treat to enjoy when you’re done doing laps? Dutch Maid Bakery, of course.

Unique Water Fun

Summerland Family Fun Park 

1050 28th Ave NE, Sauk Rapids

Everyone loves pools and splash pads, but everyone REALLY loves waterslides and bumper boats! Experience the excitement of Summerland Family Fun Park this summer, where they have more that just water fun. There’s mini golf, batting cages, & go-karts too! And no need to bring your own refreshments, there is a concession stand inside the arcade with all the staples you love. Plan you trip now!

St. Cloud Area YMCA

2001 Stockinger Dr., St. Cloud

It’s fun to stay at the… you know the rest J The St. Cloud Area YMCA is so full of unique water fun, you’ll forget that you’re getting fit while you’re there! Fly down the water slide, relax in the lazy river, splash in the splash zone, and just swim around in the big pool! And as if that’s not enough, there are also gyms, playgrounds, a rock climbing wall and more to keep you busy. Plus, day passes are available!


If the weather isn’t in you favor on your scheduled pool day, many of our area hotels offer day-passes to their pools. Or, if you’re in town for a night or two, these are great options to stay and play! CLICK HERE for a list of all the hotels that have a pool (or two!) at their facilities.