The Greater St. Cloud Area is home to some majestic works of art ranging from architecture, statues, and monuments, to murals and memorials that can all be found outdoors. Grab a cup of tea and hit the streets exploring some of these area hidden treasures.

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House of Pizza Mural

Created to reflect the fun and family friendly atmosphere that House of Pizza provides, this mural includes more than just their pizza offerings and dine in options. the artwork was done by St. Cloud Native Brandon Anderson approx. 15 years ago as his first mural piece. Entrusting in a new artist was a huge risk for House of Pizza but after a few idea sessions with Brandon they took the leap and ever since it has been a great icon in downtown St. Cloud. House of Pizza recently opened a third location and choose to use Brandon Anderson for multiple interior and exterior art installments at that location after such great success so many years ago downtown. This mural is located at 19 5th Ave S, downtown St Cloud.

Be The Change Butterfly Mural


Jen Steinkopf (seen standing in front of her work in photo on the left) won the contest that Leighton Broadcasting put out for local designers to create a mural in the alley behind their Radio City Music Mall building in 2020. Jen’s artwork was inspired by the quote from Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” The Mural uses a stained glass influence in the main butterfly body and has a trailing of small butterflies to portray the dissemination of good acts of service. You are invited to take your picture with this mural as if the wings of the butterfly are your own and use the hashtags #lBMural #BeTheChange on social platforms. Find this mural in the alley behind 619 W Saint Germain St in downtown St. Cloud. 

St. Cloud Attractions Mural

Located behind the Metro Transit Bus Station, check out these 5 well-known St. Cloud area attractions. Featuring images of Clemens Gardens, Lake George, Riverside Park, Hester Park, and Wilson Park these vibrant paintings reflect some of St. Cloud’s most visited places. Artwork was done by artist Lili Payne for the City and MetroBus in 2013. She designed 6 mural panels using the WPA travel America (1930s) posters as her inspiration. Each panel is 12′ x 18′ and one panel has been removed from the original 6 created. 

Welcome to St. Cloud Mural 

St. Cloud State/Domino’s Pizza “Welcome to St. Cloud” mural

Mexican Village Mural

Located in the alley behind Mexican Village, this pretty mural showcases a vibrant dining scene.

Art & Music Mural 

A whole-wall tribute to art and music done by local artists Jim and Rebekah at Traumen Glasberg. They still have a studio located in Downtown St. Cloud and have worked on other area projects.   

Kaleidoscope Mosaic

A collaboration with The Kaleidoscope Fund” by the Central MN Community Foundation, St. Cloud State University, and locals this mosaic mural was created under the direction of local artist Claire Witt. St. Cloud state offers a unique option for a hands on approach in one of their classes as they have and will to continue to plan, design, maintain, and promote a universally accessible neighborhood playground such as Wilson Park where this mural can be found. More on the Kaleidoscope project can be found here 

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Tied to the River Mosaic Statue

Created by the Paramount Visual Arts Center, with local business Mahowald Financial Partners and the Central Minnesota Arts Board, the 12-foot sculpture (designed by the Paramount’s Visual Arts Director Melissa Gohman) is a mosaic depiction of the Mississippi River in glass based on a painting by local artist Bela Petheo. This can be found on the intersection of 9th ave and West Saint Germain Street in downtown St. Cloud. 

Write On

Write On is an art installation located outside of the Paramount Theater on West Saint Germain in Downtown St. Cloud. It was created by artist Karl Unnasch, Mary Bruno, and Sam Spiczka to honor the 100 year anniversary of the Paramount Theater. It pays homage to a simple, trustworthy tool: a pencil. The installation glows at night, and serves as a reminder that you will never run out of good ideas if you try. 

Granite Trio Stone Sculpture

This granite sculpture was created by an Eagan Minnesota sculptor, Antony Caponi in 1980. The “Granite Trio” was commissioned by the St. Cloud Community Arts Council. The plan for incorporating a sculpture into the downtown Mall Germain originated with the members of the Arts Council, who spent a year searching for an artist that could create a piece of work that would serve as the crown jewel of the downtown mall area. Anthony Caponi’s work was chosen from among several artists who submitted drawings and models. Today, these sculptures are iconic to the downtown area and often you will find children playing on and around them. 

Abraham Lincoln Statue

Located in Lincoln Plaza, the statue is a tribute to veterans and an example of the freedoms they gave us. Mayor Dave Kleis says “This statue acts as a reminder of the unity which Abraham Lincoln and veterans fought for and all those veterans have fought since then,”. Originally located across the street from where it stands today, this over 100 year old statue is a prominent piece of history in downtown St. Cloud. This statue was moved in 2016 from the Empire Apartment buildings shortly after the opening of the parking ramp by which is stands today. The 1918 Lincoln statue was commissioned by then-mayor Peter Seberger.

Great Shining River

This 12 panel piece of public artwork is a multi-dimensional sculpture that was created by James Lundberg and Rebekah Glasmann of Traumen Glasberg Designs. It is located on the south side of the River’s Edge West Parking Ramp off of 1st St. N, behind the Abraham Lincoln Statue in Lincoln Plaza. It was commissioned by the City of St. Cloud and is made of coated aluminum. It is a visual metaphor for the Mississippi River, in that during the day the surface reflects the light of the environment, and at night it glows aqua blue thanks to powerful LED lights. It can also change light colors on special occasions. 

Lake George Rotary Fountain

The Rotary Club of St. Cloud has taken on an extensive improvement project for Lake George, a small lake on the fringe of downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota. Bonestroo was selected to design an interpretive fountain to provide a show piece for the lake. The fountain design incorporates powerful granite elements selected from the Cold Spring Granite Quarry as a symbol back to what the area is known as, Granite Country. The massiveness of the split blocks contrast with drill and plug marks to express both the power of the raw stone and the marks of hand drawn tools that fueled a local industry for over a century. Granite terraces recall the quarry strata or the granite bluffs that shape the nearby Mississippi River gorge. Other granite elements include a water wall, monoliths with cascading water, a seatwall, benches, retaining wall, and paving. The fountain design also incorporates seating and plaza space that can be used as a gathering place for small events. The Bonestroo design team provided a variety of disciplines including landscape architects, aquatic, structural, and electrical engineers. The team worked successfully with the Rotary Club from concept through construction, creating a meaningful and memorable icon for the city.

St. Cloud Selfie Station

A metal frame located along the Beaver Island Trail, featuring area images in black and white and framing the Mississippi River in the background. Installed in 2017, prior to the Minnesota Governors Fishing Opener when St. Cloud hosted this event on the Mississippi River. This project was included in the expansion of the Beaver island Trail as an attraction to our beautiful Mississippi waters. This is located on the Beaver Island Trail behind River’s Edge Convention Center.

St. John’s Cantius Neighborhood Gateway

The color scheme is to enlighten the neighborhood throughout the year. As the seasons change the sculpture will always be bright and vibrant emitting positive energy.
Artist: Kao Lee Thao

Emerging Columns

Located in Colonial Gardens Park. Includes a game where players use a coin as a die. Each player flips the coin two times. You move ahead one spot for each head and follow the guide words. Players must finish on the exact number.

Infinite Voices

Creating a kind of cultural road map of languages two words were translated by staff and students into the 51 languages spoken on campus. The word Reflections refers to the contemplation of an idea, while the word Echoes suggests the idea extending outward then returning to the sender as something changed, but still recognizable. The selected words represent the nature and materials of the artwork, the idea of intellectual and university endeavor as well as acknowledge the constant and necessary dialogue between cultures and languages.

Two rotating sculpture spots exist downtown leaving room for a variety of artists to be on display. Make sure to find these on the map below.

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Berlin Airlift & USS Bon Homme Richard Memorial

Dedicated to the US Military Personnel who served on the Berlin airlift, as well as in honor of those who served on the USS Bon Homme Richard in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. This memorial resides in Wilson park along the Mississippi River. 

World Heritage Plaza

The Heritage Plaza was moved in 2018 from its location in downtown St. Cloud to its new location outside of the Public Library just outside of downtown St. Cloud. This plaza displays granite flags from over 88 countries around the world of nations where citizens of St. Cloud immigrated from. No matter what your background is, St. Cloud is one community. With room for up to 130 countries, it has the ability to add more countries.  

Vietnam War Memorial

Dedicated to the Vietnamese and American soldiers who lost their lives in the fight for freedom in Vietnam. Found on the walking trails of Lake George in Eastman Park with skyline views of downtown St. Cloud. 

Veteran’s Plaza

The Minnesota Veteran’s Plaza dedicated to those who have served to protect these United States of America.
•We honor those who have endowed our country’s freedom through their sacrifice and contributions:
•To the veterans who served honorably in ready defense of these United States;
•To the young patriots who traveled to foreign lands and endured the brutality of war;
•To the families who bid them farewell and kept the home light burning;
•To the volunteers who provided aid and comfort to our armed forces;
•To the men and women who shall forever bear the scars of combat; and
•To our fallen brethren, never to return, who can give no more.
•Their bodies are buried in peace while their memories shall live forever


Skalicky Plaza

The South East Entrance to St. Cloud State University boasts this substantial monument with surrounding green space. 


For navigation, use this map to locate the variety of outdoor artwork in the Greater St. Cloud area.

St. Cloud Area Public Artwork Map