Calling all area restaurants! Would you like to feature one of your menu items in the 2024 St. Cloud Area Restaurant Week? We are excited to bring back the third annual Restaurant Week with new categories and new menu items to feature. 


  • When: 2024 Restaurant week is May 13-19th
  • Menu submissions will be accepted until March 22nd at 10am 
  • Featured restaurants will be notified of selection by March 25th

Housekeeping items: 

  • You may ONLY enter yourself for ONE menu item in ONE category. If you submit menu items for more than one category, we will select only one to be featured. 
  • Please select a menu item that is typically found on your menu so that visitors who join us after Restaurant week can also experience this menu item. 
  • You may opt to offer a deal or promotion for Restaurant Week, let us know and we will help promote it! 
  • Please upload a photo of your menu item that we can use for promotion. Tips: Vertical format, good lighting, some movement always photographs well! If you prefer for us to come take it, we are happy to, just let us know when it works for you! 
  • ONE menu item from each category will be selected to be part of a special video and photo shoot and that business will be asked to share their story. Video shoots will happen on April 1-5th and we will work with the selected restaurants on timing. PLEASE indicate if you do NOT wish to be considered for this. 
  • Each day of restaurant week there will be a $50 giftcard given away to visitors who enter to win (no purchase required).
  • We encourage all participating restaurants to share on social, engage with Visit Greater St. Cloud’s posts, put Restaurant Week welcoming messages on their chalkboards, and support ALL businesses participating during the week. 
  • We will push out the full lists April 29th for you all to start promoting Restaurant Week leading up to the event. 


Let’s Do it! Submit your menu item below

Restaurant menu submissions- 2024

  • Decadent delights, sugary treats, and mouthwatering morsels. These creations are more than just food; they're works of art, expressions of love, and celebrations of life's little (and sometimes big) moments. From rich chocolates and fruity gummies to delicate pastries and creamy gelato, the world of confections is vast and varied.
  • They’re portable, customizable, and satisfying and we’ve got the best options for handheld deliciousness. They might be Sambusas, Hamburgers, tacos, beverages, sandwiches, etc. if you pick it up and eat it with your hands- this is it!
  • Enjoy delicious dishes crafted with your dietary needs in mind. All items in this category are gluten-free or gluten-friendly.
  • Give us the best sauces, wings, and wontons. We will allow pairings for this.. Example: buffalo wings + Jalapeño cream cheese wontons from one restaurant. You may also just submit for one or the other.
  • Calling all heat seekers, chiliheads, and spice adventurers! Are you ready to set your taste buds ablaze with flavor explosions that will tantalize and titillate? Look no further!
  • We all have those cravings, those dishes that whisper our names with promises of pure, delicious satisfaction. No judging here – this menu is dedicated to celebrating those secretly adored, shamelessly delicious culinary delights. So, loosen your belt, ditch the diet for a moment, and embrace the irresistible indulgence!
  • Award-Winning Delights: Unveiling the Menu that Took Home Top Honors. Do you have a shelf of awards, that one special menu item, a whole category of honors? Bring them out, show them off, and tell us about them!
  • Please love value adds (even combos that feel like a "deal").
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
      *if you do not upload a file, please email Rachel@visitstcloud to arrange a time for Visit Greater St. Cloud to come and get photo assets.