Meet the CVB: Erin Statz

“If you can add the word “project” to something, I love to do it.”  

And do it with perfection, we would like to add. This quote from Erin Statz exemplifies her drive to succeed. She thrives off of starting with pieces and ending with beautiful, memorable, effective end products, and it’s evident in all of her work for the St. Cloud Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. In her role as the Sales and Services Coordinator for the CVB sales team, Erin spends her days at the office juggling convention service requests, tracking sales data, planning events and incentives to fire up the sales team, preparing sales reports, managing the Visit St. Cloud app, creating media to support area events, monitoring partner interfaces, providing support for the sales team as needed, and acting as the liaison for the St. Cloud Greeters. That’s it, really 😉 Erin started in this role at the CVB in May of 2018, and has since then shown unrivaled passion and creativity and a great sense of humor.

Erin is St. Cloud, born and raised, and attended Sauk Rapids/Rice for school. She pursued an arts degree on a scholarship at the College of St. Benedict’s, eventually graduating from St. Cloud State with a BA in Psychology and Art. She even devoted time towards a Master’s in criminology to become a forensic psychologist! Erin then spent 7 years rising through the corporate ranks at Preferred Credit Inc. as the Promotions and Events Coordinator for the company, which had her responsible for a massive budget, 8-10 incentive trips each year, and managing a team that oversaw the external presence of the company. Eventually the travel became too much, and Erin sought a position to have her closer to home and her family more often. Oh hey, St. Cloud CVB!

When the work is done, Erin looks forwards to spending time with her significant other and their children, having fun, and always laughing. She likes to read a lot, and (as mentioned) loves any kind of project, from art projects to building projects and every organizing project in between! Erin’s favorite season is winter for the cool, clean vibes it brings and her first concert was none other than Paula Abdul and Color Me Badd at age 6. In all of Erin’s travel, Mukul, Nicaragua is the place she’d most like to return with her family. Her favorite food is definitely not “pork chops” from Puerto Rico, where she had ordered them at a hosted dinner with a local family and it came out looking like some meaty-stringy-bony-thing that was nowhere near the pork chops you and I know.

Erin has come a long way since her first job picking rocks for a farmer, and she loves working at the St. Cloud Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Aside from helping clients and using her creativity, her favorite part of her job here is her coworkers. The group of women at the CVB office are uplifting to each other as well as to the clients they serve, and she loves being surrounded by drive, intelligence, creativity, kindness and hilarity. We couldn’t agree more, Erin 😉

Contact Erin

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Phone: 320-202-6713