Meet the CVB: Emily Bertram

When asked what one thing she couldn’t live without, Emily said her cell phone – for the camera and pictures, the news and updates, the entertainment, and most of all the connections with others. 

As the Social Media & Marketing Specialist at the St. Cloud Area CVB, this is definitely fitting. On a daily basis, you can find Emily scheduling Facebook posts, monitoring Twitter advertising campaigns, answering Instagram comments, curating content for all of those channels, or doing what you’re reading now – blogging. She also helps handle the public relations efforts for the Visit Greater St. Cloud office, and tends to all other areas of marketing necessary, from designing and placing print ads to photographing the perfect pictures for her next post. She loves meeting people who are passionate about the Greater St. Cloud area just like her, helping them with their travels to Greater St. Cloud, and ultimately creating relationships online with all types of visitors.

Emily grew up in small-town Avon, MN and attended St. Cloud State University for Marketing. Her first job out of college was at a company called NativeX (fka. W3i). Here, Emily learned the world of app marketing, and developed her skills in and passion for analytics and online marketing. In her next position at HatlingFlint, a marketing agency, she learned all the different areas of marketing, and more importantly how they all strategically fit together to yield success. Through this position she developed her passion for social media marketing, leading her to her current role at the St. Cloud Area CVB.

When she’s not tweeting, posting, snapping or sharing, Emily can be found outdoors. She loves going hunting and fishing with her husband, strolling around with her baby girl Audrey, and going hiking with her Golden Retriever, Lucky. Her first job was answering phones at Brudie’s Pizza, a pizza place in Avon, MN, which is probably where her love of the chewy, saucy, cheesy pies originated. And if Emily could be an animal, she would be a cat – specifically, her cat Eleanor, who is the queen of the house and feels no shame about napping all day and being sassy for no reason.

The creativity, fun and excitement that are a part of the daily life at the St. Cloud Area CVB are what get Emily up and going in the morning. It’s always a new challenge, a fun adventure, or a different experience just waiting to be had with her amazing coworkers. She loves having the opportunity to share her city with visitors and to build relationships with all kinds of people and businesses. Emily’s zest for exploring and unquenchable thirst adventure are always looking for the next big thing – is it you? Reach out to her and see!

Contact Emily for marketing and public relations needs:


Phone: 320-202-6729