The world is in a state of constant change but we know one thing isn’t changing, the need to entertain ourselves in our homes!

We hope you find these Hunt @ Home scavenger hunts as a way to engage yourself, your kids, and whoever else might be in your home! The best part, enter to win prizes for each Edition you complete!

Download the Visit Greater St. Cloud app and tap on Passports in the lower navigation bar to get started. Share your adventures. Win prizes. It’s that easy!

Junior Detective’s Edition (targeted towards kids) – start your hunt at home by grabbing a sibling, a parent, or try it on your own! These 12 clues will bring you on a hunt throughout your home. Please follow all rules set in place in your home while you navigate these clues. As you figure out the answers to each clue, find the object, snap a picture, and have some fun!

*please note, we do require a guardian (or member 18+) to submit your entry after all 12 clues have been submitted and accepted.

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Chief Inspector’s Edition (targeted towards adults) – Completed the Junior Detective’ s Edition? Next step, level up and try your hand at the Chief Inspector’s Edition. Geared to be a little more challenging, we recommend this for adults! There are 15 items you must successfully figure out the riddle to and upload a picture of to be able to call yourself a Hunt @ Home Chief Inspector!

*please note, if you are under 18 you must ask a parent or guardian to submit your information for entry of prizes.