Hey locals: we can’t do this without you!

As someone who lives, works and plays in the Central Minnesota area, why should you care about tourism? What benefit does promoting our area have to you? You may not realize how much visitors to Central MN impact local businesses and the local economy. But the truth is, it’s a lot!

In 2013, tourism in the tri-county area provided over 10,900 jobs, generated over $430 million in gross sales, and visitors to the area spent money at over 840 area leisure and hospitality establishments. From hotels to restaurants, local shops to meeting spaces, tourism is kind of a big deal to our area. It’s important for us to not only continue to bring in new people to experience the hidden gem that is Central Minnesota, but to make sure that they fully enjoy and always remember their time spent here.

As the St. Cloud Area CVB it’s our job to both encourage groups to host meetings and conferences in the area and to drive leisure tourism travel here as well through promoting events, attractions and other hospitality establishments to potential visitors. As you can imagine, we get very excited when new restaurants, shops or attractions open up in the area – more for locals and visitors to enjoy! We all have a great sense of pride in the Greater St. Cloud area, and we love sharing all of the fun things to do and see here. And we know we’re not alone, so that’s where you come in!

We need your help to show others just how great our area is. From your favorite meal at a local restaurant, to how you’re spending a sunny Saturday in Central MN, we encourage you to brag about it. The more local area ambassadors we have in our communities, the more we can spread the good word about the beauty and fun that is Central MN and the more we will continue to grow!

So share your epic Mississippi River or Munsinger Gardens posts with us using #VisitStCloud on social media. Send us your unique local events, exciting community news, or even just fun pictures we can use to promote you. Give us a call if you have an idea for how to partner with other organizations to promote Greater St. Cloud. We make it easy to partner and collaborate with us and other local businesses because it’s our job to make sure our area is always growing and flourishing. And we want to see the St. Cloud and Central MN area from your perspective, and share as much of it as possible!

To get a better idea of how we promote the area, check out our social media channels or feel free to reach out to us with questions or ideas. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and we hope you encourage everyone you meet to #VisitStCloud!

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