Greater St. Cloud Valentine’s Gift Guide

Are you still struggling to find the perfect thing to woo your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Sure, checkout-lane carnations and a new tie are really great, creative options, but we think that maybe – just maybe – Greater St. Cloud could have something else in store for your special someone. Here are some ideas to get your gears turning from the Greater St. Cloud area to make that certain him or her “be yours 4ever”.

Please also keep in mind, the Women/Men ideas are definitely interchangeable, and may not be for everyone! All people love different things, and these are just suggestions from great local companies to help you brainstorm the perfect gift – because you know your loved ones best!


Floral Arrangements

Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with the classics, Women do love receiving deliveries of flowers, even if their beauty can be fleeting. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows your love on display for everyone else in her office. St. Cloud Floral can help you break free from the ordinary carnation-catastrophe with unique selections of arrangements and gifts that can be delivered right to your lady friend’s door. Order ASAP though to make sure you get in on time!

Spa Treatments

As the poet Missy Elliott once said, “If you a fly gal, get your nails done, get a pedicure, get your hair did.” All ladies deserve to be pampered, whether it’s with a massage from Relax and Revive Massage, a pedicure from Daylily Salon or a baylage from Poppy Salon, there are many ways to pamper your pumpkin this Valentine’s Day. Go on, the gift cards aren’t going to buy themselves!

Feed Her

You know the conversation:

“I’m hungry.”
“What do you want to eat?”
“IDK, you choose.”
“How about XYZ? ABC? LMNOP?”
“No, no, no…”

& on and on. Solve that problem, man! What’s her favorite type of food? Is she a sucker for sushi? Hajime will make her smile! Does she love to keep it real with burgs and fries? 7 West Taphouse can satisfy that craving. Is she a pasta princess? Bello Cucina in St. Joseph will give her the royal treatment. This one is all about the thought – show her that you know what she likes, and make the decision and plans for her. She’ll be swooning in no time!

Something Sweet

In the times we live in, it’s basically inexcusable to resort to a cardboard heart of Reese’s PB Cups (though I’m definitely not hating) when there are so many other sweet options out there! Surprise her with gluten free goodies from Mixin’ It Up Bakery. Appeal to her wide range of cravings with a sampler pack of cheesecakes from Christine’s Sweet Confections. Take her shopping and for ice cream at Fudgin’ Delicious Home Decor. Put a (donut) ring on it from cake donut heaven, the Cold Spring Bakery Connection. And then, when you’ve done all that, you can bring me your box of Reese’s and have a great day thx bye!



Fire up the Grill

Meat is to a man’s heart like chocolate is to a woman’s, so keep that in mind before you buy your man a heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie this year. Instead, put together a meat package full of unique goodies for the grill from St. Joseph Meat Market. Try some new spicy brats, grab some juicy steaks, and of course a pack of bacon or 5. Then you can enjoy them all together!

Something to Sip

Does your man have a signature drink? Maybe he’s an IPA type of guy, or maybe he prefers whiskey, or hey, maybe he loves appletinis, it’s all good. Whatever it is that he typically sips, get him the best-of-the-best this year to treat him. If he usually just grabs what’s on sale, or goes for the lower-shelf brands, splurge on something top of the line at Westside Liquor. Or if he’s a brewery guy, plan a tour day of Beaver Island, Bad Habit, Third Street and Pantown together!

Trim & Clean

Just like women love to be pampered, many men take pride in using the best of the best in grooming. Especially the bearded boys! St. Cloud owned 2 Bits Man grooming products like beard oil, aftershave, razor sets and more that are a great choice for that hairy fellow in your life. Or, maybe you’d prefer to have someone else do the handy work. The Loft Salon specializes in men’s cuts and beard trims for every well groomed (or soon-to-be well-groomed) man in your life. So get him lookin’ right and feelin’ great this Valentine’s Day!

Rock ‘n Roll

There is literally a concert of some kind happening around Greater St. Cloud nearly every day of the week. Do the research and find out when your man’s favorite is taking stage, and get those tickets girl! Or if he hasn’t really let on to his favorite yet, go by genre and narrow it down. Acoustic toe-tappers? Jules’ Bistro has an intimate stage for that. Rocking cover bands with decade favorites? Pioneer Place can probably help! No matter what you’re jamming to, he will love that you’ve planned it all out for him!

The Gift of Memories

Better than most physical items is the gift of an experience to remember forever. Get a gift certificate for two to Clear Waters Outfitting so you can go kayak fishing on the Mississippi this summer. Plan a day-date at MMG Workshop where you can build signs and more for your humble abode together. Grab some tickets to a St. Cloud State Huskies Hockey game – their season is hot! The gift of spending time together in Greater St. Cloud is truly priceless.

Haters will say that Valentine’s Day is a bunch of hubub and a waste of time and money. But if you love love as much as we do, you know that it’s not about spoiling your sweetheart with dollar signs. It’s about spending quality time with the ones you love most: friends, family, significant others, kids – whoever makes your heart happy. And if that just so happens to be with products or services from Greater St. Cloud, then we couldn’t be any happier!