Greater St. Cloud Garage Sales 2019

Are you a professional bargain hunter? A champion at finding used hidden gems? An MVP at getting the best value? Then you’re in luck! We have compiled a huge list of Greater St. Cloud area city-wide and neighborhood-wide garage sales planned for 2019. Use this list to formulate your plan of attack, then gather your garage sales gurus and save some green around Greater St. Cloud!

Please note: we have done our best to compile this list and tried to limit it to 1 hour drive time of St. Cloud. If we missed any on here, please let us know! Most towns listed are clickable for more information. Also, towns denoted with an asterisk* mean that the dates listed are based on historical dates, and have not yet been confirmed for 2019. We will update as information becomes available.

April 2019

April 25 – 27

May 2019

May – Date TBA

May 2-4

  • Melrose
  • Avalon Village Neighborhood, Sartell*

May 3-4

May 4

May 9-12

  • Palmer Township Annual Lakes Garage Sales

May 9-11

May 10-11

  • Sauk Centre
  • Sauk Rapids Highview (Oak Ridge) Addition Garage Sale

May 11

May 17-19

  • St. Joseph

May 18

May 18-19

  • Ontario Court, Sauk Rapids

May 31 – June 2

June 2019

June 1

  • Maple Lake

June 8

  • Becker*

June 17-19

  • Foley

July 2019

July 13

July 18 – July 20

July 24-27

August 2019

August 16-17

  • Holdingford*

August 24

  • Lake George Neighborhood

September 2019

September 26-28

  • St. Stephen*

*Denotes dates that are not confirmed for 2019, but are based off of previous years