Feel Something Real in Greater St Cloud

Feel Something Real in Greater St. Cloud

It’s not just about the attractions. It’s not just about the locations. Summer in Greater St. Cloud is all about feeling something real. About really appreciating the experiences, and capturing the memories for years to come. It’s about pushing your limits, testing your abilities, expanding your boundaries and having the best time possible.

Here are some ways you can kick off your Ahh-mazing visit to Greater St. Cloud.

1. Quarry Park

Quarry Park

Take a steamy stroll, cast a line for trout, or discover your daring side. With 600+ acres of trails, abandoned granite quarries, scenic views and summer fun, Quarry Park will have you saying Ahh at every bend in the trail.

2. Beaver Island Brewing Company

Beaver Island Brewing Company

For some refreshing adult fun, get ready to sample the Mississippi River at Beaver Island Brewing Company. Brewed from Mississippi waters and operated by passionate local brewers, BIBCO will leave you saying Ahh with every sip.

3. St. Cloud Skate Plaza

St. Cloud Skate Park

Push your limits – whether by board or by bike – at the St. Cloud Skate Plaza. Not much of a boarder yourself? The sights are always something to be seen as talented, young daredevils find many reasons to exclaim “Ahh!”

4. Mr. Twisty

Mr. Twisty

Whether you’re more into chocolate and vanilla, or if fruity is your thing, Mr. Twisty has the tantalizing tastes to tickle your fancy. From satisfied sighs of contentment to brain-freezing bouts, say Ahh with a delicious Mr. Twisty treat this summer.

5. Munsinger & Clemens Gardens

Munsinger & Clemens Gardens

You don’t know relaxation until you’ve spent a quiet, warm summer afternoon perched on a bench in Munsinger & Clemens Gardens. Soaking up the views, the sounds and most of all the smells of this flowery wonderland will leave you in an ahh-mazingly calm mood.

6. Val’s Rapid Serv

Val's Rapid Serv

There is no denying that there is just something about Val’s. The standing-room-only ordering area, the seat-yourself (in your car) dining atmosphere, the deliciously greased burgers and fries and the frosty, filling shakes – Val’s will leave you saying not only Ahh, but mmm, yum, ughhh, and OMG too!

7. Beaver Island Trail Extension

Beaver Island Trail Extension

It’s true, the Mississippi River flows right through downtown St. Cloud. Experience the mighty beast on the Beaver Island Trail Extension as you stroll over the flowing waters and find shade under the overhanging bridges. And as with most things, everything is better when there’s a dog-friend involved.

We hope you can come and Feel Something Real in Greater St. Cloud. Capture your “Ahh” moments and share them with us at #VisitStCloud on Instagram or Twitter.