Experience the World (from your couch) during COVID -19

Even though we would like you to stick around St. Cloud, it doesn’t mean that you can’t virtually see the world.  Some of the best locations and attractions from around the globe are now at your fingertips, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch to experience them.  With the help of many contributors, Visit Greater St. Cloud has compiled a list of places to (not) go and things to (not necessarily) do in person, but are must sees while you have the time.

Pop some popcorn and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times! Here we go!

Let’s start locally:

Explore these beautiful views of the city from a unique vantage point.

Downtown St. Cloud : Click here

St. Cloud YMCA: Click here 

St. Cloud Library: Click here


Let’s move globally:

 The San Diego Zoo: Click Here to explore live cams of your favorite animals

Yellowstone National Park: Check out the areas main attractions here

Mars on Curiosity River: didn’t think you get to Mars did you? here you can!

Visit 11 Farms: Immerse yourself in Canadian farm and food tours here

The Louvre in Paris: They might be closed in person but not online!

The Great Wall of China: China’s most popular attraction can be visited here

The British Museum: An interactive way to see it all right here!

Van Gogh Museum: a view into Van Gogh and his life, be inspired for your own masterpieces here

Blarney Castle Ireland: spend some time escaping to a castle here!

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks: Follow rangers on a journey to places people rarley go!

The Met Opera House: Stream an opera for a new experience, or relive that last opera you went to right here!

The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World: Tired of watching Frozen? Check out Cinderellas castle and more right here

The Monterey, California Aquarium: Birds, Tropical fish, and Sea Nettle drifts all with live cams! Check it out!

Royal Botanic Gardens, London: Looking for some botanic oasis, look now further than here!


For additional tours, visit www.virtualvisittours.com and Google Arts and Culture.

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