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Sepia Tone Portraits

December 7 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Create an elegant sepia-toned portrait by sculpting light and shadow from a single color and the light of the canvas. Learn to draw with the brush and achieve tonal effects to create a standalone piece or an underpainting for further work. Register

Please bring the following:

• Something to take notes.

• Soft Vine Charcoal, kneaded eraser, sketch paper or newsprint for a shadow study.

• Masking tape or clips to secure your paper.

• Paper towels for blending charcoal, and lifting paint.

•A tube of raw umber oil paint. I prefer Old Holland for this type of portrait—it gives a nice warm tone—but other raw umbers like Winsor Newton can work too, if you have a different brand, please bring transparent red oxide or transparent yellow oxide if youhave it.

•A painter’s palette, a double palette cup, and a “diamond-shaped” palette knife.

•Weber Odorless Turpenoid(the blue label). I run a “closed turp” studio, so we”ll only be using a small amount in a palette cup versus an open brush-washing can. Different brands have different handling, drying time, and odor qualities, I’ve found Weber works best overall.

•A lightly-toned stretched canvas or canvas panel,11 x 14, or 12 x 16 or similar for newer painters, and up to 16 x 20 for experienced painters (14 x 18 is also a very comfortable size for portraits). I recommend acrylic-primed cotton canvas for this workshop for more control, especially with newer painters. Artist Loft canvases from Michael’s are very economical and I use them frequently for studies and co-ops. To tone the canvas, thin a pea-sized amount of raw umber paint with turpenoid on your palette,paint it on your canvas, and then spread it with circular motions using a paper towel moistened with turpenoid. Work the surface until your canvas is the color of blondewood (or the color of the wood frame around a blackboard) and the tone is even. If you’d like help with this, please let me know and we can arrange a time.

•Hog-bristle filbert brushes— try to bring a range of sizes from 0 to 10, some small- tomedium-size duplicates are nice for dry brush work and blending. Dick Blick, Utrecht,and Winton are good brushes that can be found locally. Silver Brush Grand Prix and Robert Simmons are excellent brushes and can be ordered onlineat www.jerrysartara-ma.com. I also like Arttec from www.in2art.com, they’re less expensive but can take awhile to arrive.

•Optional— Gray scale/value finder or red filter—helps you identify and judge values.

If you have questions, please contact Suzann Beck by email,Suzann_Beck@email.com,or call 763.536.8055 or my cell 612.619.4010.


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