When #DogsOfInstagram Visit Greater St. Cloud

We couldn’t think of anyone better to spend National Puppy Day with than some of our very favorite #DogsOfInstagram. These four-legged-friends are rock-climbing, river-swimming, fetch-playing bunches of adorableness, and we are so thankful that their owners explore Greater St. Cloud with them, and share their experiences with us! Try not to melt at the cute-overload, these pups are totally hardcore globetrotters. Dare we say that they’re… the #DogsOfStCloud? Take a look and see for yourself!

Lola and Lucy

Instagram Bio: The chronicles of two puppies. Lola: 1 year old rescued Jack Russell mix. Lucy: 5 month old purebred Vizsla. Duluth, MN.

Why we love them: Playful, fun, and always looking for an adventure! Lola and Lucy are full of energy and spunk,


National Joseph

Instagram Bio: Aka Nashy boy…German wirehaired pointer/mutt…Enjoys walks, car rides, tug of war 🎂6.29.15 📍Minnesota 🐶 Energy, love and cuddles for days

Why we love him: Nashy boy is effortlessly cool. Striking the perfect puppy pose in any location comes naturally to him. Plus, he’s kind of a ladies man.



Instagram Bio: Hidden pictures taken all across MN. Spot Spud The dog. Not the potato. 🥔 Shaggy is the new sleek. 06/26/2016 Only taken by iPhone

Why we love him: This playful adventure-pupper also has a secret talent: he’s a hide-and-seek pro! Check out his profile to join the Spot Spud fun.



Instagram Bio: Because if I didn’t make this my phone storage would be full ✖ MN

Why we love him: Don’t let his stylish looks fool you, Crosby is always game for adventures & a little mud with his best friends!



Instagram Bio: I’m Indigo but call me Indie. I’m a Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix. STP/651. Watch me wander around MN and the lower 48.

Why we love her: This doggo has been everywhere! Indie’s adventures give us serious wanderlust. Follow along to see where she goes next!



Instagram Bio: Never Stop Exploring CGC 🌲 M I N N E S O T A 🌲 Live life to the fullest and have fun while doing it! 🐾

Why we love him: Regal, handsome, and totally cool, Jack is a stick connoisseur and total Minnesota man. Can you say model?