About Rollie’s Rednecks and Longnecks

Rollie’s restaurant and live music venue is listed in the top 25 Honky Tonks in the nation by some important people that know a lot about great music, cold drinks, and fresh food. You won’t find a more patriotic and true bar than Rollies Rednecks and Longnecks! With live bands every week from local artists as well as national acts throughout the year, Rollies Rednecks and Longnecks continues to bring the best of country and rock to the local area. Rollies has everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, jag bombs, and whiskey to pancake fundraisers and polka music! With all this variety, You’ll be sure to find a place among the peanut shells at Rollies.

The food menu at Rollie’s includes great American fare like wings, burgers, pizza and sandwiches as well as dinner options like steak, ribs, fish and more. To check out the full menu, click here