About Munch Munch Mochi Donut

Munch Munch Mochi Donut Waite Park is now OPEN! With flavors like churro, matcha, coffee, S’more, milk pebble, Oreo and more, these donuts are a fusion of American style donuts and Japanese Mochi.  Munch Munch Mochi Donut Located at 712 2nd St S. in Waite Park. Hours are 8am-7:30pm daily. 
What’s Mochi Donut? 8, small, round dough balls connected in a circle of delicious and fun sweets !

Mochi donuts, also known as “Poi Mochi”, are a fusion pastry crossing traditional American doughnuts and Japanese mochi. Mochi donut is made with natural rice flour which attributes to its chewy and stretchy texture. There is an alluring sticky addictiveness to each bite; a textural element that is completely different from yeast or cake donuts. ​