About B Social by Brick and Bourbon

B Social by Brick and Bourbon is a great place to get a bite to eat, enjoy a couple of drinks, and play fun arcade games. Downstairs you’ll find a traditional restaurant with tables, chairs, and a bar where people can gather for a meal or drinks. When you ascend up the stairs at B Social it’s like entering a whole new world of fun. Embark on this enjoyable experience where you can savor both a delightful meal and exciting activities today!

Elevated Eatery & Hospitality 

B Social is an elevated eatery and craft libation venue. They prioritizes the use of the freshest domestic and imported ingredients. They also focus on ensuring that every dish meets impeccable specifications, and is presented with best-in class service. Each element of each meal is designed with their vision in mind. To blend rustic, natural elements, and present them with the highest possible standard. B Social strongly believes that every customer should know what they are eating. They also believe that every customer deserves exceptional hospitality during their time at B Social.


B Social complements its amazing food with a one-of-a-kind craft cocktail bar. They focus on fresh, simple ingredients to complement their outstanding portfolio of spirits. Brick and Bourbon is known ambassadors of great bourbon and whiskey. They also handcraft some of the most tastefully wicked libations. B Social loves to switch it up a bit with unique cocktails. You can always get a superior liquor selection and a knowledgeable bourboneer or bourbonette to guide you to your perfect pour. If bourbon or booze isn’t your preference, B Social also has a wide selection one of craft brews as well as locally recognized and noteworthy wines. At Brick and Bourbon, they celebrate a bygone era with cocktails reminiscent of the past and pay homage to those waiting to be created. Let B Social take the wheel and present you with an amazing cocktail experience.

Gaming Lounge

The Gaming Lounge is open daily (except Mondays) starting at 11am. The Gaming Lounge is located upstairs at B Social. It features 32 games, 2 HD Simulators with 30 different game options, and 4 Bar TV’s with video game consoles! Be sure to reserve the HD Simulators in advance! Let the gaming begin!