About Blue Goose Speakeasy

Blue Goose is Saint Cloud’s only local speakeasy. Therefore making it a must stop shop. A mixture of signature cocktails with flare, prohibition style cocktails and delicious food. The building’s history weaves itself into the story, echoing a past as a Prohibition-era establishment. This historic establishment opened in 2023.
Building History:

In 1913 the building was constructed for the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Later in 1920 the basement gained a dedicated café named “The Blue Goose Restaurant”. After the Prohibition the Blue Goose Restaurant closed and become storage. 

Speakeasy Revival:

Over 100 years later the building was purchased by co-owner Ray Herrington and others in 2018. In 2023 the owners saw the spaces potential and transformed the space. Inspired from “The Blue Goose Restaurant” and the Roaring Twenties the space went from storage to the present-day Blue Goose Speakeasy. 

Interesting Connections:

Honoring the history of the original Blue Goose Restaurant, a sign that once hung on the walls of the original restaurant now hangs on the wall of the current establishment. The speakeasy also captures the clandestine spirit of the Prohibition era with its hidden entrance and vintage atmosphere.

While the current Blue Goose Speakeasy is relatively new, it draws inspiration and elements from the past. Creating a unique experience that echoes a bygone era in St. Cloud’s history.

Look for the BLUE LIGHT on 5th Ave!