About Backwards Bread Co.


Backward Bread Co. emerged from a passion for community service and a realization of the local need for high-quality, wholesome bread and bakes goods. In 2016 the bakery planted roots in St. Cloud. They initially focused on organic, long-fermented sourdough bread but expanded its menu to include various French breads and pastries. In 2017 Backward Bread Co. started collaboration with Collegeville Artisan Bakery. As the owners of Collegeville Artisan Bakery started the retirement process Backward Bread Co. acquired the Collegeville Artisan Bakery. This enabled further expansion while meeting community demands. 

The Bakery

Today Backward Bread Co. continues to commit to their top-notch baked goods. You can stop by their store front for a tasty treat or order online or over the phone to guarantee you get the bite you want. Backward Bread Co. products are also found at varies locations around town. From restaurants to cafes or even local farmers markets, you might see the Backward Bread Co. products. 


Backward Bread Co. offers catering! Do you want delicious treats at your next event? Partner with Backwards Bread Co. and enjoy selections from their full menu of artisan breads, buns, pastries, cookies and more at your next event. Backward Bread Co. can do events of all sizes, work meetings, graduations, holidays and more. They just ask for a minimum of 7 days notice for small events and a 2 weeks notice for large events. 

Contact Backward Bread Co. 

Backward Bread Co. understands there are plenty of reasons why you might want to contact them. Whether it’s about their products, catering, or scheduled events, they will answer them promptly. The team at Backward Bread Co. are always happy help where they can. They are devoted to serving the community not just with their products but also with their amazing customer service. Check it out today!