About Back Shed Brewing

Back Shed Brewing is a great place to stop for a freshly brewed beer. While you are there you might get to enjoy some live music, food trucks, or a meat raffle! You never know what you might find going on at Back Shed Brewing. Back Shed Brewing has a great outdoor patio that is dog friendly. They also offer some great games or you can bring your own! Find a brew you like? Don’t forget to purchase a growler or crowler to enjoy later! 

How it Started

The vision and dream of Back Shed Brewing started many years ago. The Schlecht brothers traveled to various parts of the United States for work. They would try to find unique craft beers and local breweries along the way. They savored the feel of these breweries, their uniqueness, their handcrafted beer, their people, their way of life, and the sense of community within the walls of each brewery they adventured to. While they soaked in experiences of trying locally brewed beers, they would dream of how to make it happen in Waite Park. That’s when they decided to take the first step of the journey and test out making craft beer at Crafts Direct by putting in a ½ bbl pilot system in our back shed. Their talented and passionate brewing friend, Chris, was willing to make beer and see where this adventure would take us. A beautiful bond and partnership was born with the brewer, Chris. The Schlecht family united with Chris to make this dream a reality. 

After almost 2 years of brewing in the back shed, Back Shed Brewing was born. Their goal is to provide a great atmosphere that inspires connection, community and creativity. It is also important to enjoy some deliciously brewed local craft beers within the walls of Back Shed Brewing.