About Artisan Naan Bakery

Artisan Naan Bakery is a small family business established in 2014 by a married couple, Tahir Sandhu and Gwen Williams. The bakery makes fresh naan in small batches with wholesome high quality ingredients.
The bakery writes, “We started our naan business because we are crazy for naan and between the two of us, we have been eating naan for around 7 decades! We have developed our own recipes, working from some basic classic naan recipes as served throughout Pakistan and India. So our naan are taste-tested and approved by us, and are just what we enjoy at home whether we are eating curries, lentils, bengan bhartha, burgers, chicken korma, okra, fried eggs, black bean burgers, roast, nihari, tikki masala, halwa, vegetable soup, chili, hummus, and you get the picture! Our naan are fantastic with tea, chai, coffee, milk, or beer.”
Artisan Naan Bakery delivers fresh and delicious naan to grocery and natural food stores, food cooperatives, and restaurants five days a week, and now also sells boxes of naan online. They will ship naan to any of the lower 48 states and D.C.. Order Online Here
You can also buy our fresh naan directly from the bakery every Wednesday through Saturday, 3 pm to 7 pm.