Dine Around the World in Greater St. Cloud

Greater St. Cloud is home to may different kinds of restaurants, cafes, buffets, and more, with a large, diverse selection of cuisines. While there are many places you can go grab a burger, pizza, or something else you’ve seen before, there are also some great Worldly Flavors found all over the area. Taste a sampling of several different cultures as you dine around the world in Greater St. Cloud!

Italy: Bello Cucina

Laid-back, authentic Italian cuisine in a gorgeous atmosphere? Sounds like Bello Cucina! Offering hand-tossed pizzas, a huge variety of pasta dishes, and other classic offerings, plus a beautiful wine bar and a cozy downtown St. Joseph patio, Bello Cucina is perfect for date night, girl’s night, or any night!

Dishes to Try: Proscuitto Wrapped Mahi Mahi, Wild Mushroom Pancetta, and Pesto Gouda Flatbread

Meatloaf Sandwich from Olde Brick House
Ireland: Olde Brick House

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet.” – William Butler Yeats, and the Olde Brick House motto. Located in the heart of downtown St. Cloud, this authentic Irish pub serves up traditional Irish fare as well as specialties with a flare. Plus, the bar includes over 30 different types of whiskey for sipping, as well as several other great drinks.

Dishes to Try: Guinness Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mashed, and The Classic Reuben

Greece: Greek Cravings

With its casual environment and simple space, you might not suspect that you can get some of the very best Greek cuisine right here at Greek Cravings. Find all of the Greek classics you love right on 5th Avenue, a convenient location for a late-night snack!

Dishes to Try: Greek Philly Gyro, a Spanakopita, and Baklava

Wide Variety at Star of India
India: Star of India

Get the real experience of Indian cuisine with family recipes that have been perfected over generations at Star of India. With always fresh ingredients purchased from family farms around the region and a beautiful atmosphere that immerses you in the experience, Star of India provides a real taste of the heritage it represents!

Dishes to Try: Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Karara Balti, and Shrimp Tandoori

Thailand: Arroy Thai & Filipino Restaurant

Arroy (uh-Roy) meaning delicious in Thai, brings the St. Cloud community authentic Thai and Filipino food with mouthwatering delicious flavors in a modern atmosphere.

Dishes to Try: Benny’s Turon, Pad See Yew, Massamun Beef Curry

Hibachi Grill at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse
Japan: Fuji Japanese Steakhouse

When you walk into Fuji Steakhouse, you are immediately transported to a whole new dining experience. With a huge menu offering classic Japanese specialties as well as a long list of sushi, bento box meals and hibachi options, you will never leave Fuji Japanese Steakhouse hungry! Great for date nights, birthdays, and any other occasion that has you craving authentic and flavorful Asian cuisine.

Dishes to TryHibachi (chicken, steak, etc.), Fuji Roll sushi, and Chicken or Beer Negimaki


Festive Atmosphere at Mexican Village
Mexican: Mexican Village

Locally owned and operated since 1978, Mexican Village is located right in downtown St. Cloud on West St. Germain. Here, you will find perfectly prepared Mexican favorites and mouthwatering margaritas in a lively, festive atmosphere. It will really look (and taste!) like you’ve left Central Minnesota and gone south of the border!

Dishes to Try: Mesquite Smothered Chicken Fajitas, El Dorado, and Pollo Fundido.

Somalia: Hormud Meat & Grocery Market

If you’ve ever wanted to give Somalian cuisine a try, Hormud Market is the place to do it! Not only can you dine at their restaurant that features many authentic dishes, you can also shop for ingredients in the market if you’d like to try cooking some yourself! Founded in 2012, this is just one of the areas many authentic African eateries.

Dishes to Try: Canjeero (like a pancake) & Maraq (stew), Bariis & Hilib Ari (rice & goat meat) and Soor & Hilib/Sukuma/Caano (stew with goat, kale and milk)

Craving more? Check out our Worldly Flavors guide for several other ideas of great places to try something new!