Dazzling Downtown Shopping Spree in St. Cloud, MN

Does the thought of driving from store to store, getting in and out of your vehicle 100 times shopping for the holidays give you the chills? Do you wish that life were like the movies, when all your holiday gift shopping could be done on one cozy stretch of main street, as you walk from shop to shop bundled up in the season’s latest trends, chit-chatting with the store owners as you cross off your shopping list? You’re in luck, because Downtown St. Cloud is bursting with local shopping options for every type of shopper! We’ve consolidated the list here, with some ideas of what to buy for who and where. So grab your blanket scarf & hot drink (maybe from Central Perk?), call up your bestie, and get ready for a dazzling downtown shopping spree.

Copper Pony

What: Trendy home décor, fun kitchen collections, and witty, unique gift ideas

Shop for: Wedding gifts when the registry is yawn-worthy, Christmas goodies for the people you know best, and to #TreatYoself as you finish your rustic-chic spare bedroom

Parting thought: Beware of getting a sore neck while shopping there, because everywhere you look there’s something even more on-trend and relatable. You won’t be leaving emptyhanded.

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What: Ultra-trendy kid’s clothing and accessories.

Shop for: Your nephew’s handsome first birthday party outfit, your Instagram-famous daughter’s shoe collection, and all kinds of goodies for the new mommy-to-be.

Parting thought: If ever there were a store for millennial moms to literally die for, it’s Fiddlestix. Audible “aww’s” and “squee’s” can be heard for miles around.

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Rush Boutique

What: Gently used name brand clothing and accessories for her.

Shop for: The perfect holiday sweater-dress, finishing up your business-casual look with a bright colored pair of flats, or spoiling your sister with 5 new scarves because they won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Parting thought: The best resale stores are the ones that don’t feel like resale stores, and that’s what Rush Boutique is like. You won’t think twice about the quality of the items, because the store is so well kept and the items available are trendy and, of course, reasonably priced.

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Paramount Arts Gift Gallery

What: Handmade goods and pieces of art from local artists.

Shop for: A truly unique vase for your cousin’s wedding, a beautifully framed masterpiece that fits your living room decor perfectly, and a one-of-a-kind bracelet for your new sister-in-law.

Parting thought: Local, handmade, unique goods plus supporting the local art scene, the Paramount Gift Gallery is the perfect place to stop on your downtown stroll or even before you catch a show at the theatre.

Books Revisited

What: Used books – of every genre, age, quality and topic.

Shop for: A perfect graduation gift for your book-loving senior, a collectible copy of your grandpa’s favorite novel, or great deals for a hot read all your own.

Parting thought: This place is a treasure chest for hard to find books, great deals, and satisfying all of your curiosities – and the helpful staff is excited to help you find what you’re looking for!

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Mind, Body & Spirit

What: Spiritual wellness goods and accessories for the eclectic soul.

Shop for: Crystals for your curious cousin, jewelry for that one aunt who loves anything that’s “different,” and aromatherapy bath fizzies for your stressed-out friend.

Parting thought: This place has the goal of providing goods that you cannot find elsewhere, and they’ve accomplished that goal with a variety of feel-good supplies, smiles, and good vibes.

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Fitzharris Ski & Sport

What: Central MN’s locally owned bike, ski and outdoor shop.

Shop for: Your first pair of downhill skis for when you’ve finally decided you’re a snow bunny, a comfy hammock for when your sister gives into the tree hangin’ craze, and new fat bike tires for your winter off-roading addiction

Parting thought: Not only is this the place to visit when you need to talk to the experts about gear for any and every sport, but they also offer ski, board, bike and tennis equipment repair – so you know they know what they’re doing!

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Endurunce Shop

What: Central MN destination for walkers and runners.

Shop for: Running (or walking) shoes for your New Year’s Resolution (that will actually make you want to keep it), high performance socks (that’s a thing!) for your mileage-obsessed cousin, and a reflective belt/runner’s pack to keep your dad safe on his early-morning run.

Parting thought: If you’re an advanced runner, beginner runner, thinking about running, or just curious, the experts at the Endurunce Shop have all the equipment and expertise to make sure you’re set up for success.

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MMG Workshop

What: A DIY workshop where you can make and take your own pallet or wall art.

Shop for: Custom made signage for your wedding day, holiday decor that capture’s your family’s quirky sense of humor, and the perfect sign for your brother’s housewarming party.

Parting thought: You must schedule your time here in advance, but we can promise you that once you do you will be happy that you did! Dozens of styles, hundreds of designs, and an extremely kind and helpful staff to make sure you have a great time. Great for group outings, too!

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Bachman Jewelers

What: The finest jewelry in all of downtown.

Shop for: Your future fiance’s wedding ring (of course), an upscale watch for your all-business father in law, and diamond earrings for mom to show her how much you care.

Parting thought: High end jewelry might not be on your everyday shopping list, but a trip to Bachman’s can be inspiring and informational, and who knows – you might just find something you NEED to have!

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