Celebrate National Dessert Day Every Day

For those of you who like to play by the rules, October 14th is technically National Dessert Day. However, we feel that if you try hard and believe in yourself, every day can be National Dessert Day. To help you achieve this, we’ve put together a list of some of the greatest dessert options in Greater St. Cloud. So no matter what your sweet tooth is telling you, we have something to satisfy it!

Most Unique: Christine’s Cheesecakes 
Christine’s Cheesecake

When you think cheesecake, you probably think your basic vanilla and graham cracker crust cream cheese creation, maybe with a crazy topping like… cherries? But you haven’t even begun to love this creamy confection until you’ve tried cheesecake from Christine’s Cheesecakes. With dozens (literally, at least 50+) flavors, these cakes will make you fall in love with this dessert all over again. Served in whole cheesecakes, bite-size minis, in a waffle cone, or even in a cookie sandwich or waffle cone, it’s a must-try dessert in Greater St. Cloud.

Most Likely to Have What You’re Craving: Cold Spring Bakery Connection

Cookies, cupcakes, pastries and more, this extension of the original Cold Spring Bakery is located in St. Cloud, and offers up the same sweet treats for your convenience. Cold Spring Bakery Connection also serves up lunch items, hot coffee, and is even home to a small gift gallery to browse while you indulge. For whatever you’re craving most, Cold Spring Bakery Connection can help!

Insomnia Cookies
Most Likely to Warm your Soul: Insomnia Cookies

Is there anything (besides maybe apple pie) more quintessentially wholesome than a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie? Maybe a double chocolate chunk cookie, perhaps. Both – and much more – can be found at Insomnia Cookies. Their menu features over 13 types of cookies plus cookie cakes, brownies, ice cream, and ice cream sandwiches. Plus, they deliver their treats until 3am. Need we say more?

Most “St. Cloud”: Val’s Rapid Service Shake

Every town has their beloved burger joint, and for St. Cloud that place is Val’s. But we’re not here to talk about mouthwatering burgers or salty, crispy french fries, we’re here to discuss a very important topic: over 20 flavors of shakes. That’s right, some of the best shakes you’ll ever sip can be ordered at this takeout-only restaurant. With basic flavors and unique takes like black cherry, dreamsicle, and pumpkin pie, you might just have to try them all.

Most Diet-Friendly: Mixin’ It Up Gluten Free Bakery

People with celiac disease and even those without will rejoice when they discover all of the sweet treats offered by Mixin’ It Up Bakery. Their kitchen is entirely gluten free and they turn out everything from cakes and cookies to take and bake pizzas, breads, and much more! Plus they cater to many other diets like dairy free, keto, paleo, and more! No matter what your restrictions, they can make some kind of sweet treat that works for you!

Dutch Maid Bakery
Most Acceptable to Eat Before 10AM: Dutch Maid Bakery

For those mornings when you wake up craving sugar, there’s donuts from Dutch Maid Bakery. Now open in their new Sauk Rapids location, this St. Cloud area staple has been serving up baked goodies for over 50 years. Not only do they offer dozens of varieties of donuts, but they also sell cookies, cakes, breads, rolls, and more! Pairs well with coffee and office gossip. Enjoy!

Most Customizable: Cherry Berry Yogurt Bar

Are you traveling with a pack of picky eaters? Let them choose what makes them happy at Cherry Berry! This frozen yogurt bar lets you start by picking out a base flavor from dozens of options, then topping it with whatever goes the best (or doesn’t, no judgement to you gummy-worm lovers)! Then when you’ve created the perfect FroYo masterpiece, get it weighed to find out what you owe. Now nobody can say they didn’t get what they wanted!

Spice of Life Tea Shop
Most Fruitful: Spice of Life Tea Shop

For something on the healthier and very refreshing side, try at matcha smoothie from Spice of Life. These smoothies are a blend of fruit, matcha, milk and sweeter and come in flavors including strawberry, mango, and triple berry. You can also choose to add protein or bubbles – these smoothies pack a fruity, delicious punch!

Most Likely to Remind you of Grandma: Rockin’ Rolls

What trip to grandma’s is complete without the smell of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls and sneaking a spoonful of dough as she makes a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies? At Rockin’ Rolls, you can have them both! They serve up fresh baked cinnamon rolls and bites with a variety of sauces including maple, vanilla, caramel and cream cheese. Plus you can also order edible cookie dough in many classic flavors! This might even beat grandma’s recipe… but you didn’t hear it from us.

Most Likely to Surprise You: Artisan Naan Bakery

When you think naan you might think that it can only be a savory treat. But that’s where the Artisan Naan Bakery will surprise you! Order one (or a dozen) of their amazing naan hand pies with fillings like mango, guava, or dates and pecans and prepare to be amazed. They’re the perfect snack for on the go, at a picnic, or even at a seasonal event to delight your guests!

Most Likely to Cause Brain Freeze: Ice cream is by far one of the most popular dessert treats in Greater St. Cloud. So to help give you brain freeze satisfy your craving, we have compiled a whole separate post featuring the area’s most delicious ice cream shops. Check it out!