Best Apps for Traveling in Greater St. Cloud

We all use apps every day in some way, whether it’s to check our social media sites or get the weather report for the day. They often help us stay entertained and to pass the time, but the main reason we use apps is because they are helpful to us in some way. Traveling is one of those times when a variety of apps come in handy. From airline check-in to taxi transportation to posting about our adventures, there is an app for pretty much every travel-related activity. And that’s no different here in Greater St. Cloud! Whether you’re planning ahead for an upcoming trip or already in town, here are several apps that can help make your time hear easier, more fun, and even save you some money!

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Visit Greater St. Cloud

We might be a little biased, but the best app to download before coming to town is the Visit Greater St. Cloud app. On there you will find travel and dining inspiration, deals, events, and even games you can play around town to win prizes. It will even tell you which attractions or restaurants are closest to you based on your location – how convenient is that?! Plus, the Brewcation passport alone is an exciting opportunity where you can use the app to check in to local breweries and tap houses around Greater St. Cloud, and you could win prizes! The app is free to download, and a truly valuable resource when you’re navigating. 

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Parking downtown St. Cloud is not free (except evenings and weekends), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be hassle-free! If you’re visiting downtown restaurants, shops or businesses during weekday hours, you need to download the ParkMobile app. When you find the perfect parking spot, go on to the app and select your location. Then you can pay for your parking all through the app alone – no rummaging for quarters and dimes needed! The best part? The app will notify you when your time limit is nearly up, and you can choose to let it expire and head out, or add more money right from your phone – no need to go “plug the meter,” as they say. The app is free and super easy to use. See you downtown! 

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Uber and/or Lyft

Even if you drove into town, sometimes it is easiest and makes the most sense to utilize the services of ride share programs like Uber or Lyft. Both of these have a presence in St. Cloud, and both are great options for getting around, avoiding the hassle of navigating and parking, and also making sure you return to your hotel safely if you’ve been out on the town. Plus, drivers are often from the local area and make great recommendations on where to go and what to see!

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This app is especially important to download if you have any interest in exploring the Wobegon Trail, which starts in Waite Park and goes out towards St. Joseph. Using the Movatic app, you can rent bikes that are located at both the Waite Park and St. Joseph trailheads. Once you set up an account, the rental fee is only $1 per hour. Then once you’ve finished, simply return the bike to the designated rack and that’s it! Such a fun and easy way to explore the trail – and so much easier if you don’t have to bring your own bike! 

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Avenza Maps

If you plan on hiking or exploring any of the area parks that are a part of the Stearns County Parks organization, you need to download the Avenza Maps app. Using this app, you can “shop” for maps from local parks that depict the hiking and/or skiing trails and download them into your library so that you can use them even without cell service. Then, with your geolocation services turned on, you can navigate through the park using the map so that you can better find your way around! Some of the park maps available include Quarry Park and Nature Preserve, Warner Lake County Park, Kraemer Lake Wildwood County Park, and more. Don’t set off on your next hike without it!

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Another great resource to use if you’re hiking around the area, AllTrails is not only an info hub but a community. It is another location that lists the many great hiking and biking paths in the area, including maps for The Beaver Island Trail, Sand Prairie WMA, The Wobegon Trail, and more. With the free account, users can post pictures and comments from their trail adventures, leave ratings, and view maps of routes. However, if you are hoping to download maps for offline use and navigation, there is a small yearly fee associated with it. But if you’re an avid explorer it would definitely be worth it!

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Hop Passport

if you are an avid craft beer drinker, you might already have this app on your phone. But if not, it’s a must-download! Whenever you visit a local brewery, remember to fire up this app and check in to your location. You will in turn receive beer deals at that brewery – it’s that simple! Plus you can make notes about your favorite brews, learn more about the breweries, and save your favorites. There is a cost to gain access to the deals, but if you’re a craft beer lover, it is worth it!

Local Radio Stations

We realize that in this day and age of online streaming, music to suit your taste is not very hard to find, even on the road. But sometimes when you want to get the true flavor of a location or if you’re looking for updates on weather, events, or anything else local, then local radio stations can be really valuable when traveling. Many of our local radio stations have their own apps, but here are just a few that might be of interest while you’re in town:

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This app is probably already on your phone, but you may not realize that it’s a really great travel resource! First things first, you should absolutely start following @visitstcloud on Instagram for an abundance of travel inspiration in the Greater St. Cloud area. But you can also use Instagram to search for user photos from specific locations. Not sure where to eat on your night in town? Search for a few of our great local restaurants and scroll through photos posted there for delicious inspiration! The same can be said for attractions, shopping, and more. And always feel free to message us if you have questions along the way, too. Plus don’t forget to tag your pictures with #VisitStCloud!