Audio Visual Technology for Meeting and Event Planners

Have you ever been to a conference with an incredible Audio-Visual setup? With perfect sound, no crackling microphones, and an easily visible screen to see all the information? It’s great right? Or maybe you’ve experienced the opposite, a conference with great information and people…but not so great AV. We want you to have a seamless AV setup, so that your guests remember the information and ideas that they came for, not the crummy feedback from a microphone.

Meeting and event planners should know what they will need and plan for Audio and Visual technologies in order to host an enjoyable and memorable event! Not to worry, if you aren’t sure what kind of AV resources you will need for your conference, the team at Visit Greater St. Cloud can steer you in the right direction and find you the perfect meeting place that has everything you need!

From signage to sound, it pays to be up to date on all the latest Audio-Visual trends! According to AV Vegas, top Audio Visual trends for 2024 include digital signage, projection mapping, video walls, and immersive sound systems.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage has become increasingly popular and has continued to evolve over the past few years. Digital signage can be anything from TV Screens, to projectors, or LED screens. A couple of common uses for digital signs on TV Screens are personalized welcome signs at event venues, easy to read schedules at a glance, or other event information. In addition, projectors and LCD screens are best used for displaying video content, slide decks, or photos!

Utilizing the variety of Digital Signage options is key to creating an immersive, and memorable event!

Projection Mapping

If you are looking for a more creative, and visually interesting way to display information, then Projection Mapping is for you! According to an article from Business News Daily, “Projection mapping is a video projection technique in which video footage is mapped onto a surface, turning common objects – such as buildings, runways, stages and even water – into astonishing displays.” Creating a truly immersive, and perhaps even theatrical (if that’s your thing) display is exactly what Projection Mapping is for! Conferences can use projection mapping to tell stories, display ads, and be creative with their marketing.

Projection Mapping takes time to set up, you will need to plan ahead for this project and make sure to have time to tweak your setup upon arrival at the event venue.

Video Walls

VIdeo Walls are, well, exactly what they sound like. A set up of a large screen, or a few screens put together to create a large scale display. Utilizing a video wall is a great way to create visual interest, display ads, and share videos and presentations. Video walls offer a wow factor that projectors may not. They are known for having brighter colors, crisper lines, and are easier to read- especially when the venue has lots of natural lighting. Another advantage of a video wall, is that they can be configured into a more creative shape than a traditional projector. This can be done by using multiple screens, or formatting images and videos accordingly. If you are going for wow factor, and a truly immersive experience, a curved LED video wall is a great option! That being said, one thing to keep in mind about video walls is that they are more expensive to buy and produce, so if you are on a tighter budget, it might be best to stick to a more traditional projector.

Sound Systems

Planning ahead for sound systems can be daunting. How many microphones will we need? Where can we plug them in? Do we need to bring our own supplies? Working with your destinations CVB is the first step to learning more about the AV resources that event spaces offer! Be sure to include all your technology needs in your RFP so that event venues can make sure that they have everything you will need. Visit Greater St. Cloud has recommendations and extensive knowledge on event locations, whether downtown, or in greater St. Cloud, we have options for your every need!

Or, work with Visit Greater St. Cloud to utilize one of our free event services, the Catch Box sound system. Catch Box is an innovative way to engage the attendees at your next event. It is easily portable, has simple set up instructions, and best of all, the microphones are in padded boxes that you can toss around in the audience, hence the name Catch Box! Contact the St. Cloud CVB to learn more about Catch Box, and other FREE event services!